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Every career has what I call the *Axle and Spokes relationship. The Axle represents your Industry by which you made your career and the way you earn your living...

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Adding Value to your Services I asked Preston, my son the stylist, had he ever heard these statements from his clients before?...

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Tru Hair Onion Conditioner is infused with shea onion promote silky, shiny hair. You can buy the Onion Conditioner online by clicking the link....

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The Tru Hair Biotin Conditioner is the best biotin shampoo for hair growth, infused with almond oil and Shea Butter. ...

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Treat your hair to the goodness of ACV with the Tru Hair Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo. Buy this highly effective shampoo to fight hairfall & dandruff....

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Tru Hair Herbal Hair Powder nourishes hair roots to tips, making it healthier and fuller. It is an excellent hair pack for dry hair and to control hair fall!...

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Tru Hair Protein Serum is infused with natural extracts of Protein & Caffeine. It nourishes hair from roots to tips making the hair growth healthier & stronger....

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Protect your hair from damage and induce hair growth with Tru Hair Fermented Rice & Coconut Milk Hair Oil. Buy it with the World's first Ayurvedic oil heater!...



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