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Now sign in by entering the username and pa_ssword of your gmail account. Now google recovery page will open in your locked android mobile....

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it will speak his name, in this you can also set up WhatsApp, whenever a message comes on WhatsApp, it will tell you by speaking his name too....

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Then they will not know, then I will tell you that they will not know about it. Because the app I am going to tell in the bear is a great app....

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Now select your Google Account in this and if you want to back up the videos as well then click on Include Videos. ...

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To change the playing song to the next one, press Star(*). From here you can also search Hello Tune by category of songs and name of singer....

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Incoming call means that your number is not switched off, your number has expired....

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Similarly, we will continue to reach you the information of new or old government schemes started by the Central Government and the State Government....

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Three options will appear in which click on the top option Search the image you want to restore....

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