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CARTIGROW® Cartilage Cell Therapy, offered by Regrow Biosciences, is a cell therapy that is focused on regenerating the damaged cartilage naturally....

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If you are suffering from diabetes, then you are more likely to have any of the related complaints such as high B.P, high cholesterol levels, and obesity....

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Bones make up your skeleton and protect your internal organs. Childhood and young adulthood are bone-building years where they constantly grow and strengthen....

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Joint pains are degenerative disorders in which body cells undergo degeneration over a period of time....

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One main reason for weak bone health which is often overlooked is the deficiency of VITAMIN D. In the preservation of bones it plays a crucial role. ...

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Avascular necrosis or AVN is a disease of the bone, where the death of a bone tissue occurs due to interruption in the blood supply....

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Urethra is a tube inside the body that aids in the elimination of urine. For men, this narrow tube is also vital in excretion...

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UREGROW Epithelial Cell Therapy treats Urethral Stricture by employing the patient's own cells (autologous procedure), which are extracted from bone marrow...

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