1AUTONICS2023-03-200Electronics 00

MT4Y-DV-41, Meter, DC Volts, LED, W72xH36mm, 4-Digit, 0-500V Input, NPN Output, 100-240 VAC, AUTONICS...

1AUTONICS2023-03-190Electronics 00

PSO-02, Pressure Sensor Accessory, Mounting Cover for PSA, AUTONICS...

1AUTONICS2023-03-180Electronics 00

PSAN-01CV-RC1-8, Pressure Sensor, Standard pressure, Connector Type, 0.0 to 100.0kPa, NPN open collector /1-5 VDC Out, Port Rc1/8, 12-24VDC, AUTONICS...

1AUTONICS2023-03-170Electronics 00

SR1-1250-N, SSR, Heatsink Separated, Single phase, Input 4-30VDC, Load 24-240VAC, 50A, Zero cross, AUTONICS...

PRD12-4DN2, Sensor, Inductive Prox, M12 Round, Shielded, 4mm Sensing, NPN, NC, 3 Wire, 10-30 VDC, AUTONICS...

2AUTONICS2023-03-150Electronics 00

TD02, 25% Increase in stretch and comfort so less hand fatigue, Skin friendly and dermatologically approved, TRAFFI...

1AUTONICS2023-03-030Electronics 00

C3M5P03-D9M0-W4*0, GP/LP Communication Cable, AUTONICS...

2AUTONICS2023-03-020Electronics 00

TAS-B4RKCC, Temp Control, 1/16 DIN, Analog, PID Control, Relay Output, K Thermocouple, 1200 C, 100-240 VAC, AUTONICS...

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