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Romson Urine Collecting Bag with Measured Volume Chamber is specially designed to measure hourly urine output which is suitable for adult patients....

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Soft cast padding for the purpose of bone fracture repair High-quality material Size: 15 cm width * 3Mtr length...

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Adlisc Hydrogel Electrodes has excellent conductivity and adhesion to detect tiny current between skin and electrode....

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Gamjee roll is a surgical absorbent cotton bundle. It consists of three layers of gauge, absorbent cotton, and gauge wrapped around each other....

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The Romsons Oxy set Nasal Oxygen Cannula is manufactured from soft, non-toxic PVC thus non-irritating even in long-term use. ...

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RD SWAB is used for Wound care and blood clot formation. A lint-free, sterile, and breathable gauze swab that is perfect for wound dressing purposes in medical ...

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The Romson Dispo Gaurd mask 3 ply Face Masks are crafted from the softest of hypoallergenic fabrics. Their non-woven ear loop design makes them extremely comfor...

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Nulife Sterile Surgical Gloves anatomical fit of Nulife Sterile Powdered Surgical Gloves ensures a pleasant, wrinkle-free fit....

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