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VRX Silica Limited’s Managing Director Mr Bruce Maluish provides an update on the environmental approvals for the Arrowsmith North Silica Sand Project, Wester...

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Calima Energy Limited marks a successful September 2023 quarter with strong drilling, production and capital returns....

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As per the latest announcement by Chairman Mr Glenn Whiddon, Calima Energy Limited completed its Pisces Drilling Program. The Company expects peak production.....

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Explore VRX Silica's strategic move as it dispatches a 1,000kg sample for comminution testwork in Germany. With 50% of costs covered by a WA Government Grant....

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George Santos, who has been involved in numerous investigations,expelled from US Congress on Friday by a historic 311 to 114 votes, ending his 11-month journey....

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The Victorian government is ready to fund the world's largest battery farms manufacturers to modify electricity use for sustainable generation....

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Israel Hamas War :An explanation of what prompted the Israel and Hamas war, the present-day situation and how it affects prices for commodities and oil worldwid...

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The Australian government recently revealed a plan to invest in renewable energy sources and how Australian gas companies invest for a greener future....



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