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SBI is offering solar rooftop loan to help in installing rooftop solar under the Rooftop Solar PV Program. Read all the details about solar rooftop loans at sup...

The Grid-Connected Rooftop Solar Program is an initiative for India to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the replacement of thermal energy with sola...

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Every state has a net metering regulation or a rooftop solar policy and regulation which dictates the modalities of installing a grid-connected rooftop solar in...

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Under Phase-II of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Program of MNRE, a comprehensive action plan has been prepared to encourage rooftop solar uptake by DISCOMs with ...

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Under the MSMEs Rooftop Solar Programme, the scheme aims to create a mitigating product or a framework that enables MSMEs to achieve significant savings for ins...

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The SUPRABHA TA program is the single unified web portal for rooftop solar for multiple stakeholders. This platform will enable inter & intra stakeholder commun...

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The capacity building and training program for rooftop solar energy is an scheme focused on providing education / training / orientation to various stakeholders...

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Demand aggregation for rooftop solar is a proven model for reducing barriers to solar adoption through targeted customer outreach and fierce pricing....




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