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A biofeedback instrument is a device that uses sensors to measure a signal from the body related to your nervous system that then shows you the information as i...

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One thing that is constant is that the body reacts to stress in several ways, many of which can be measured using biofeedback equipment. ...

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Here you can see Mind Care Center latest blog information....

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ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) is often thought of as a problem of childhood....

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Biofeedback/Neurofeedback Training and Seminars are designed to teach clinicians biofeedback fundamentals and cutting-edge applications. ...

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Biofeedback is usually a face to face, one on one activity. If you were providing biofeedback prior to the start of social distancing and stay at home orders...

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biofeedback training available in New York? That depends on what part of New York you are talking about and what kind of biofeedback training....

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In recent years, the vagus nerve has become an object of fascination, especially on social media. ...

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