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Clonazepam 2Mg Klonopin tablet treats some of the major disorders like anxiety, epilepsy and insomnia. It helps with treating of various sleep disorders....

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BetteratBeing - Elizabeth Hurwitt offers Alexander Technique lessons in NYC, promoting mind/body wellbeing, pain management, improved performance....

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Light workouts create new connections in the areas of the brain, such as the hippocampus, that are responsible for memory....

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Research suggests that women are more likely than men to report poorer sleep quality in general....

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AT will help you achieve the readiness necessary to deliver an important artistic message in an expressive, inspiring way. ...

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Neurofeedback, or EEG biofeedback, notably LENS neurofeedback, is an established alternative treatment approach for executive dysfunction, addressing decision-m...

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You can exercise your own pain management, with or without medication, with Alexander Technique (lessons available with BetteratBeing in Manhattan). Pain Manage...

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One thing that is constant is that the body reacts to stress in several ways, many of which can be measured using biofeedback equipment. ...

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