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The LENS ( Low Energy Neurofeedback System): A clinical outcomes study of one hundred patients at Stone Mountain Center, New York...

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Realize your potential with a personalized program, Do you lack direction? Are you looking for change, but unclear on how?...

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Alzheimer’s Disease - a form of dementia affecting 5.6 million Americans , currently incurable – is preventable, according to The Lancet Neurology....

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Young kids’ brains are especially tuned to their mothers’ voices. Teenagers’ brains, in their typical rebellious glory, are most decidedly not....

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Here are several methods to help restore a sense of tranquillity to your life. By TARA PARKER-POPE...

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This feedback signal lasting less than a second – carried via extremely small radio frequencies – mirrors, but slightly differs from, the person’s own do...

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There may be significant reductions in symptoms across a wide range of conditions and issues, such as pain, fatigue, distractibility, sleep – 50%....

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Anton’s practice grew out of a strong desire to help people with their issues and relationship between the brain, mind and levels of experience....

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