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Customer loyalty is the customer’s willingness to repeatedly buy products or use the service of any company they had a good experience with....

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CATI is Computer Assisted Telephonic Interview which aids in penetrating difficult to reach audience in large numbers....

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The power of Affiliate Marketing needs no introduction. It’s a cost effective way to expand the reach of product/services offered by any organization....

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The power of Affiliate Marketing needs no introduction. It's a cost-effective way to expand the reach of products/services offered by any organization....

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A Defence and Aerospace firm identified that absence of visibility of its vendors and suppliers created risks to its supply chain. ...

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At Solugo, we take care of the complete project management life – cycle for our clients....

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The second wave of the pandemic has left the country in a state of ultimate panic and utter chaos. ...

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The interviewer reads these sets of questions before the respondents who answer those questions....

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