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Biofeedback is usually a face to face, one on one activity. If you were providing biofeedback prior to the start of social distancing and stay at home orders...

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Where is biofeedback training available in New York? That depends on what part of New York you are talking about and what kind of biofeedback training you are ...

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What is neurofeedback equipment used for? It is used for assessment, clinical therapy, and performance enhancement/peak performance. ...

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Neurofeedback Certification training is available from providers in some parts of New York but still is not widely available in other parts of the state....

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Stress is a problem that we all experience. It is not getting less, if anything it may be increasing. ...

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Professional neurofeedback equipment is classified by the FDA as a class 2 medical device and can only be purchased by a licensed healthcare professional....




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