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Are you scratching your head thinking how to choose exterior paint colors for your house? The Godavari Paints has an article with tips for you....

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Planning to get a little interior painting done this winter? There are way too many benefits to get your house painted during this time of the year. ...

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Here are tips to know when your home needs a new coat of paint. Here are a few signs to look for that signal it's time for repainting....

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Paint fading is a sign of paint degradation and occurs due to the effects of the elements. Read some tips on how to prevent or at least slowdown paint fading....

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The exteriors of your building need paint to protect them from the damaging effects. Learn about the benefits of using exterior painting & why Godavari Paints a...

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Learn expert tips for selecting exterior house paint colors and combinations for your house. Most important are house style, history, and the surrounding enviro...




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